Ukash Introduction

• What’s Ukash?
Ukash Voucher

Ukash is a simple, safe and secure cash-free payment solution of internet shopping. It helps millions of people without bank accounts, credit or debit cards to pay cash for goods and services online. Or relieve of millions of customers concern about identity theft and fraud.

•How Ukash was born?
Ukash is aimed to card-free cash transfer, payment or purchase online and widely used all over the world. Headquartered in London and put into operation in 2001. Smart Voucher Limited is a corporation authorized by the UK Financial Services Authority and the jurisdiction of the electronic money institution.

•Why Ukash is much welcomed?
Featured with simple and secure usage, neither you are asked for any bank card or account nor age limit to have Ukash. Just sit and click for easy application online plus worry-free of your personal banking information might be “overseen”.

2 thoughts on “Ukash Introduction

    1. ukash2013 Post author

      Dear Hryhorii Drohanov
      You can combine multiple values of your Ukash into a single new amount, which comes with a new Ukash Code and value. You may send it to your private mail and keep it safe so we can mange your Ukash trade in secure.


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